Jarrod & Loren

1:1, full size portraits of Vincent Price as Prof. Jarrod from THE HOUSE OF WAX (1953) and Fredrick Loren from THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959). These were commissioned by a private collector to be mounted on full size figures. The collector went so far as to find an old fashioned wheelchair like the one Jarrod used in the movie. I made one clay sculpture (Chavant NSP) and then had a 2 part plaster mold made by effects artist Josh Turri. I cast each head in foam filled latex, painted it with PAX paint and acrylics, inserted glass eyes, punched in the hair (human & synthetic) and had the hair cut & styled by Susan Reilley of Susan’s Styles, a salon in Bethlehem, PA. These are the first heads where I punched the hair, using the Crown punching needles. The hair looks much more natural and realistic than gluing it on. It also was much faster. Both made in 2011.