This is my first 1:1 full size bust. After starting at 2/3rd scale and then making small scale heads and portraits for scale statues and action figures, I feel I have come full circle. This is Boris Karloff as Prof. Lampini from HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944). I made this piece for Cortlandt Hull’s Witch’s Dungeon to be attached to a full size figure of Lampini recreating the scene where he stands with the Dracula coffin and skeleton. It was sculpted with Chavant NSP clay, molded, and then cast in foam-filled latex. I painted it with PAX paint, it has glass eyes and hand laid hair. I made a second head that was bought by director Gullermo del Toro at Monsterpalooza 2011! I was so surprised and thrilled to sell my first full sized bust.